Real World Evidence & Late Phase Simulation Models for Economic Evaluation

Simulation Models for Economic Evaluation

CTI utilizes contemporary economic evaluation methodologies, which provide our clients the best opportunity to achieve optimal access in major global markets:

  • Simulation models for economic evaluation create the basis for value demonstration of new and existing healthcare treatments 
  • High-quality economic evaluations are key success factors for market access and product reimbursement--the RWE team at CTI has extensive experience in building simulation models through a wide variety of designs driven by product attributes and global market access needs:


Results of our economic evaluations are routinely presented at scientific conferences or published in peer-reviewed medical publications. We can assist in developing an effective strategy to communicate your product's value story through presentation and publication. 

  • CTI develops state-of-the-art, model-based economic evaluations including Markov models, decision analysis and discrete event simulations informed by data from the literature, clinical trials or retrospective database analyses
  • Our data visualization experts and software developers can create model applications for customer interface beyond Excel economic calculators 
  • CTI is a full service CRO, which allows us to perform economic evaluations in clinical trials or conduct prospective economic evaluations in real-life settings 
  • We have numerous academic affiliations with health economists across the globe