News & Events CTI Clinical Research Center - A COVID-19 Vaccine Site

CTI Clinical Research Center - A COVID-19 Vaccine Site

April 30, 2020

Over the past several weeks, the CTI Clinical Research Center (CRC) has been proactively preparing to support upcoming COVID-19 vaccine trials. With three decades of research experience and over 1,000 trials completed, the CTI CRC is ready to handle the ever changing landscape of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Experienced in Vaccine Research
The CTI CRC has been a part of dozens of vaccine trials, including experience in previous pandemic/epidemic environments - H5N1 bird flu and H1N1 swine flu. In both cases, no 483s were issued and the team was able to hit high enrollment goals quickly - enrolling more than 100 subjects in 24 hours. Additionally, the unit has never been issued a 483, despite multiple FDA audits. Retention is also important in these trials, and our site has ~92% retention rate for our vaccine trials. Our staff and medical directors have backgrounds in infectious disease and vaccine trials, making them valuable partners to our sponsors navigating the COVID-19 environment.


Unique Facility for COVID-19 
The CTI CRC is a unique facility, which unlike many other research sites, has multiple separate patient rooms that are ideal for isolating subjects for patient safety. We have the capability to house dozens of subjects for any length of stay, and we've also adapted our site to accommodate the ever changing needs of our sponsors and patients. We are able to complete virtual visits, social distance drug dispensing, and remote monitoring. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure subject and staff safety, including compliance with CDC, WHO and local government guidelines on social distancing, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene and sanitization. You can view our facility here:


Database of ready volunteers
We currently have a database of over 50,000 subjects, including healthy adult and elderly patients that we are proactively identifying to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials. Currently, we have over 1,000 subjects identified  and ready to participate in a vaccine trial. We have a dedicated recruiting and patient marketing team that is committed to filling these studies as quickly as possible, and are willing to use an arsenal of digital marketing and traditional marketing tactics.
Single Site Supported By Global CRO
CTI CRC team members are in daily conversation with counterparts on the CTI CRO side, where we are currently managing more than a dozen active COVID-19 trials and have a wealth of infectious disease experience. Our Training and Development department keeps our staff on top of the latest news and technologies in the battle against COVID-19, with tools like this Medical Director led video series below. The CTI team is equipped to handle the very rapid timelines the current climate is dictating - allowing for regulatory submissions, medical writing, study activation and enrollment being completed in record times.

COVID-19 Training Series with Dr. Rob Gordon


The Year of Hope

CTI Cares - Providing Hope to our Communities

The CTI Cares program was established in response to the great interest of our employees who want to give back to society, and in part due to the prior success we’ve had in charitable giving programs.  Each month, one or more employee-nominated charities is spotlighted and supported by our employees and the company as a whole. This month, in lieu of a single organization, we are encouraging all those that are able to make a donation to support their local charities and nonprofits that are providing aid to those affected by COVID-19.

Looking for a great COVID-19 cause to support? CTI is proud to contribute to Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky's Coronavirus Relief Fund. The donations they receive will go directly to local, nonprofits that are experiencing increased demand for resources in response to the coronavirus. To find out more about the Horizon NKY Coronavirus Relief Fund and to donate, visit

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