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Therapeutic Training

The education of site personnel, sponsor personnel, and CTI staff regarding current and future treatment modalities relevant to product development is extremely important. Our staff completes over 100 hours of training each year, including therapeutic training specific to their assigned trials and projects. We are also able to provide training to sponsor personnel in therapeutic areas, allowing for a better understanding of study timelines and the protocol, safety issues, and other elements of a complicated trial.

At CTI, we believe it is also equally important to provide educational services for those being treated.  Because many of our staff consists of former clinicians, we are able to provide a level of insight that is only gained through experience – an understanding of a patient’s needs and concerns.

Our experience in educational materials includes:

  • DVD development and distribution
  • Slide development and distribution
  • Brochure development and distribution

We work directly with our sponsors to develop materials designed to communicate medical information in a clear and concise manner, with the goal of bettering the understanding of a disease, procedure, or medication.

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