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Due to CTI’s therapeutic focus, our team has existing relationships with many Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) and hospital-based research centers around the world. Pre-existing relationships result in expedited study start-up, including regulatory tasks (i.e. International Review Board [IRB]/Ethics Committee [EC] approvals), contracting, and site initiations. Our Legal team has numerous years of international Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) negotiating experience. We routinely assist in site selection, picking sites that have the highest likelihood of recruiting the necessary patients, with the help of our large internal database of potential investigators/sites in our focused therapeutic areas around the world. When we manage study start-up, the total start-up time is generally less than half the industry average.

Kevin Schwarz
Chief Operating Officer
Since joining CTI over 12 years ago, Kevin has been instrumental in guiding the clinical services team through all aspects of trials in various phases, geographies, and therapeutic areas. Kevin has implemented processes and standards to better serve our team and our sponsors in the start up process of trials, and his knowledge of the industry is a huge asset.

Kevin Schwarz

CTI offers the following benefits to site selection:

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