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Clinical monitoring coverage for CTI, across all locations, is built around the philosophy of providing therapeutic expertise to our sponsors. CTI Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) have significant experience working with complex studies and critically ill patients. Many of our staff carries decades of experience in research and nursing outside of their CRA experience. CTI uses a flexible staffing model, with CRAs located throughout the world. Our CRAs monitor only a few protocols at any given time, allowing them to be an expert in all aspects of their studies. With an average retention rate of 94% over the last five years, our CRAs are able to see their studies through from start-up to close-out. CTI’s clinical expertise translates into well-trained sites, excellent rapport with the site staff, an extraordinary level of site engagement resulting in well-executed studies, and high quality data.

Maya Webb
Senior Clinical Research Associate
With nearly ten years of monitoring experience with CTI, Maya has made contributions to studies in various indications, including transplantation and immunology. Her home-grown expertise has become invaluable asset to both our organization and to our sponsors.

Maya Webb

CTI conducts an annual survey to assess the performance of our CRAs. The most recent survey included over 300 research coordinators that either currently work with or recently worked with a CTI CRA. The survey includes specific questions to evaluate protocol/therapeutic knowledge, teamwork, responsiveness, communication skills, and overall performance. Our CRAs have consistently been ranked as “excellent” on all fronts, enabling them to effectively collaborate with the sites to accomplish study-related goals and establish long-term working relationships. In the most recent survey, our CRAs were described as:

  • “Exceeds expectations in all areas”
  • “Knowledgeable and efficient”
  • “Very responsive to phone calls or emails”
  • “Highly organized and has good teaching skills”
  • “Teamwork is exceptional”
  • “Communication is outstanding”
  • “Goes above and beyond”

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