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The CTI Way

There is a unique culture that exists at CTI, a method of approaching our work and interacting with our coworkers that we have come to refer to as "The CTI Way."

The “CTI Way” is the culmination of the beliefs and behaviors of the CTI family that have developed organically over time.  Beliefs that the work we do is making a difference for the quality of life of very sick individuals, and that we are helping life-changing therapies reach those in need. Beliefs that CTI leadership and coworkers are dedicated and passionate people, who care not only about the quality of work, but about each other as individuals.  Beliefs that we could choose to work anywhere, but we chose CTI. These beliefs are a foundation for the hard work, communication, collaboration, engagement, and respect that make working at CTI not just a job, but a way of life.

As we make our way to our 20th anniversary, we will spend each month highlighting a different theme related to The CTI Way. Please explore the links below to read about this month's theme as well as those from previous months.

The CTI Way - Working Hard Because Our Work Matters

August's Theme: Accomplish

Regardless of what comes our way, the support of our sponsors, partners, and teammates allows us to always remain focused on what we want to accomplish - improving the lives of chronically and critically-ill patients around the world.

Cti Way


March 2019 - Communicate

February 2019 - Hope

January 2019 - Thrive

December 2018 - Cares

November 2018 - Motivate

October 2018 - Improve

September 2018 - Succeed

August 2018 - Engage

July 2018 - Persevere

June 2018 - Lead

May 2018 - Collaborate

April 2018 - Adapt

March 2018 - Inspire

February 2018 - Grow