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Economic Analysis

Economic analyses of health outcomes aid in defining the relationship among variables to demonstrate the value and impact of the diagnosis and treatment of a disease or condition. CTI’s Health Economics Outcomes and Research (HECOR) team analyses range from feasibility/exploratory studies to sophisticated multivariable modeling.

William Irish, MSc, PhD
Vice President, Biostatistics & Health Outcomes Research
Dr. Irish has over 25 years of academic and industry experience, including experience in planning, studying and reporting on health-outcomes research, most notably multi-site clinical trials, epidemiologic, and large database studies in transplantation. His vast knowledge in biometrics, as well as his extensive therapeutic experience, make him an asset to our organization and the sponsors we support.

Bill Irish

To gain market penetration, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical device companies must assess the impact of the identification and treatment of a disease or condition and then demonstrate the value of their product within that context.

Our team can conduct the following economic evaluations:

  • Simulation models
  • Net cost studies
  • Cost utilization
  • Cost effectiveness studies

Our analysis of the study variables for a given treatment and/or diagnostic allows for the strong potential of demonstrating the value of a product. Often the results from our studies are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our HECOR team of content experts, health economists, and writers also develop articles, presentations, online simulation calculators, and other documentation to effectively disseminate evidence. As a result, payers, providers, and regulators have a comprehensive understanding of the patient experience, while internally, sponsors have valuable information for product development, reimbursement, and marketing strategies.

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