Health Economics & Outcomes Research Core Value Dossiers (CVD)

Core Value Dossiers (CVD)

Core value dossiers (CVD) bring together the published clinical and economic research to demonstrate the value of a healthcare technology to global payers. CTI’s HECOR team recognizes the importance of delivering credible and consistent product value messages supported by scientific evidence. CTI’s HECOR team emphasizes key product value messages and linking these back to the value narrative throughout the CVD.

Michael E. Minshall, MPH
Senior Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Michael has over 25 years of global epidemiology, clinical research, teaching, and economic modeling experiences, which is invaluable to both our clients and the internal staff he manages and trains.

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The CVD is modular in design with the following main features:

  • Define existing market trends that drive healthcare technology utilization patterns, the most relevant comparators, and resulting value messages.
  • Where possible and retrievable, provide market-specific data including disease incidence and prevalence along with healthcare resource utilization.
  • An easy to navigate and user-friendly format that can facilitate local adaptation for key geographies and payers on a global basis.
  • The modular design rationale facilitates health technology authority (HTA) evidentiary requirements across several global marketplaces while maintaining adaptability for local submissions.


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