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The CTI Cares program was established in response to the great interest of our employees who want to give back to society, and in part due to the prior success we’ve had in charitable giving programs.  Under this program, all employees have the opportunity to nominate a charity/special cause near to them. CTI Cares is a way for CTI employees to raise awareness and raise financial contributions for the causes they personally feel passionate about. The employee who submitted the selected CTI Cares highlight will have the opportunity during the month to spotlight their charity around the office, raise awareness and educate others in the company, and receive a contribution from CTI in addition to the money they raise.

In addition to the monthly employee selected spotlights, CTI Cares will respond to local, regional, national, and global needs as they arise. CTI is committed to donating back to those in need, especially in communities and areas directly related to our employees, sponsors, and partners.

Support has been donated to:

June CTI Cares Spotlight



COTA’s motto “Giving Hope…Making Miracles” goes hand-in-hand with our work at CTI to help patients and families through medical innovation. 


COTA is a non-profit organization based in Bloomington, IN that assists children and young adults in need of organ transplants through fundraising platforms and family support.  COTA provides families with a fundraising team consisting of a Community Coordinator, a Webmaster, and  PR Coordinator with unlimited marketing assistance in order to raise the funds necessary for transplant surgeries, saving families from devastating financial ruin that oftentimes accompanies intensive medical procedures.  COTA is the only organization of its kind that charges no fee for its services and ensures that 100% of all funds donated towards transplant-related expenses are used exclusively for that purpose.  


Nominated by: Ellen Maue, Study Coordinator


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